Long lasting batteries system that allows the operator to use the equipment and perform a high number of studies without the need of frequent recharge.
The telescopic column allows an easy accessibility to bedridden patients.


The system TMS 320B can be configurated with a wireless digital detector.
Frontal drawer to carry a detector for an easy transportation.


The column system has the capacity to turn for an easy and agile placement of the X-ray tube.


Its compact dimensions and excellent maneuverability allows the motorized system to be handled easy, even in narrow hallways and places with reduced space.

Product description

The motorized system TMS 320B is designed to fulfill all the needs in the radiographic studies for bedridden patients. It is a light system, easy to transport which makes it ideal in the intensive care unit, emergency room, operation room, pediatrics department or post-surgery room.
The system TMS 320B reaches very short exposure times, therefore, the X-ray images aren’t affected by the patient’s movement, even in the exams that need a high level of dosage.